Adult French Classes in Naperville? Aren’t I Too Old to Learn a New Language?

by | Sep 11, 2019 | French Lessons

The success of my adult French classes in Naperville is proof that you are never too old to learn a new language! 

When I tell people that I teach adult French classes in Naperville, people are usually surprised to learn how many of my students are adults and how popular these classes are. They assume that, as a French teacher, my classes are centered around tutoring children and students. Many seem to think that it is pointless for the older generation to learn a language, since it is so easy for children to pick it up but gets harder for the mind to retain over time. Some even think it is just too hard or wouldn’t be a priority for individuals with families, careers, and busy schedules. However, adult French conversation classes just might be my favorite to teach, and is seems like other adult language-learners agree with me, because these are some of my most in-demand courses. 

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Whoever said you cant teach an old dog new tricks apparently never tried to teach that dog French. Actually, the adult brain has a highly dynamic structure which changes and adapts as it responds to new experiences. One is never too old to learn something new, and once you start working your mind to learn new things, like French, it gets used to the workout and the adaptation becomes a bit easier over time. 

Scientifically speaking, science has told us that adults will pick up vocabulary more easily than new grammar rules or syntax. New words are liked by a learner to his pre-existing knowledge and significant vocabulary based in his mother tongue. The most challenging part of learning a language for an older individual is refining his accent, which is much easier for children to do. 

It is NEVER too late to take up something that you are interested in or maybe weren’t able to do in the past, and you are NEVER too old to learn a new language! At Naperfrench, I adapt my French classes for adults according to the methods that are easiest for adults to pick up on, and works new strategies into the equation to address the bigger challenges for adults, like pronunciation and grammar formations. 

In case you still think that learning French as an adult is not a possibility, or that you are “too old” to learn a language, here are some of the major benefits of taking on this challenge to convince you that my adult French classes in Naperville are a great option, whether you are 25 or 85! 

Learning French is good for your health. There are countless studies about the positive benefits of learning a foreign language on health. These include delaying the onset of dementia and improving executive function (the ability to vary thoughts and behaviors). 

Learning French keeps the brain active and healthy. Learning a foreign language is a sort of mind game, or puzzle for the brain. When you learn French, you are keeping your mind active. This exercise is especially true for adults, who use different regions of the brain for language learning that those that are used for the native language, unlike children. 
Learning French cant actually sometimes be easier for adults. Oftentimes, we get so caught up talking about scientific factors that focus on the developmental stage in the child’s brain that make it advantageous for getting children to learn a language, that we forget about the circumstantial factors that contribute to learning a new language. Adults have some advantages that often are not there for kids. These include motivation to learn, the discipline to study, and the consciousness to exercise self-directed learning. Even if the adult brain may not have it as easy as a child, the individual can often learn faster and better because he understands the implications of learning and has the willpower to do it.

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