Culture is part of learning a language. We use authentic French and Francophone material as often as possible. With children, I sing songs that I learned as a child and play games I enjoyed playing with my friends. When we learn animals’ names, we also learn the sounds they make, which surprisingly are different!

French language lessons for children

Exciting and lively themes such as Farm animals, Zoo animals, Sea animals, Body parts, Emotions and Clothing are part of the curriculum and presented through songs, games, books and art projects.

More themes are offered as the child gets more familiar with the language with more vocabulary, verbs and worksheets.

Learning a second language at a young age is cognitively as easy as learning a first language.

Exposing your child to a second language young allows a child to optimize his or her learning potential, helping to shape the brain at its most flexible stage. Young children are uniquely suited to learning a second language naturally.

A young learner can access a second language separately, without having to translate or go through the native language as a path.

Young children learn French quickly and effortlessly and their vocabulary retention capabilities are very high.