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Learn French on Skype

There are so many positive aspects to learning a new language like French. For example, when you sign up to learn French through Skype with NaperFrench, you know from a French tutor who not only speaks the language as a native Francophone but has also lived the language and its culture.

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Why learn French over Skype?

As health concerns continue to linger in the country, it’s understandable that more and more people want to learn French by Skype and other online videoconferencing software. While physical classes have their advantages, as your online French teacher, I am well-equipped to maximize the learning process for kids, teenagers, and adults alike.

To learn French on Skype is to open an entire world of incredible opportunities and advantages in the real world, including more avenues for employment abroad and meeting new people from another country and culture.

When you Skype-learn the French language, you learn this wonderful new language at your own pace, and we can work together to understand the type of flow that works for you, specifically.

Having a French tutor who was born in France and who didn’t just learn the language from an academy is a significant advantage when you don’t know anything about the foreign language because I will be able to establish a strong connection between the language and how you utilize language on a day-to-day basis.

 The French Language This Year (And Likely, Beyond)

  • \French is an official language of the United Nations
  • \An essential language in European multilateral diplomacy
  • \Fourth most-used language on the internet is French
  • \Third most important language in global business
  • \Second most important language in global media and information-sharing
  • \Second most-studied language globally
  • \125 million French speaking people everywhere
easy to learn French online by Skype this year

How to learn French on Skype?

Learning French can be slightly intimidating, but let me tell you – French is one of the more accessible European languages. I have mentioned previously that I have unique approaches for child learners, teenage students, and adult learners.

Let me share a bit more about my different approaches.

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Learning French for Kids

Culture is ingrained in language. Therefore, at NaperFrench, I strive to use authentic Francophone learning materials to enrich students and teach them the best way possible. Learning materials from France are prioritized as much as possible, though we will be coming across other Francophone materials that may not have originated from my home country.

When I teach kids the French language, I like to sing songs that I know from my childhood, and then I also play games I learned as a kid. Nothing compares to playtime when introducing new concepts, sounds, and words to young French learners. We will also work with familiar concept families like animals’ sounds.

The goal is to establish a solid connection with the young learner as they take on the challenge of learning a new language.

Parents, as your child and I progress, you will notice that the lessons will become much more varied and exciting. There will be additional learning themes like expressing emotions, body parts, sea animals, and more.

Expect your young one to be exposed to Francophone books, worksheets, games, songs, and other enrichment methods. The teaching you can expect from Naper French is aligned with what you can expect from early learning methods, but with a definite focus on introducing a new language.

Learning French for Older Kids and Teenagers

There are indeed universal commonalities in teenagers in any culture. However, I want to think that teenagers, more than anyone, need additional avenues to express themselves in creative and intelligent ways. The French language is expansive and has distinct expressions not easily found in other languages.

To give the gift of language to a teenager or older child who is just beginning to express their identity and place in the world is a beautiful way to ensure happier adulthood. Language has many gifts, and self-expression is just one of them.

With my teenage curriculum, we will be focusing on expressions, verbs, and more complex vocabulary-building. Numerous themes will help us get there, including body parts, health, transportation, the house, and more.

If your teenager has been exploring lessons online through self-study, those learning experiences will be enriched with a dedicated French tutor here at Naper French. Expect only great things to come once your teenager or older child begins mastering the basics of French!

I tutor students studying French in districts 204 and 203 at Naperville, and I have no problems working with them as they go through their French workbooks. I will help explain the nuances of French grammar and how these can be applied in conversations.

group of teens excited to learn the French language
adult retired leaning French with Skype

Learning French for Adults

I am adaptive to my students, and my students who want to learn French with Skype can expect a warm and flexible French classroom when I become their French tutor. My approach is holistic because I use a variety of methods to teach the French language to adult learners, including total physical response, oral repetition (a vital tool!), visual learning materials, and written materials.

There will be exercises and lessons when you learn French over Skype on proper pronunciation, holding a conversation in the French language, writing, reading, vocabulary-building, and more. The goal is to understand the language comprehensively and become a functional French speaker and reader.

The curriculum for adult French learners will cover the language’s essentials, including verbs, destinations, telling time, the numbers in French, the calendar, followed by the basics necessary for day-to-day life like sports, transportation, the body, food, etc. I present these themes and concepts to enhance learning and retention.

No person is too old to begin learning French. All it takes is the desire to learn, and Naper French will help you achieve your goals in learning a second language. I am known for being quick in teaching adult learners the different tenses in French, followed by additional tenses necessary to express oneself in the new language fully.

Expect to receive worksheets while learning French online via Skype while in class. I will go over the essential points in each lesson to know what to expect during the day. The initial goal is to build knowledge to the extent that you can hold a good conversation in French.

Everything I present in class is usable in real-world contexts. I will make sure that you will use what you know immediately by eliciting questions from you. You will speak French as much as I do – and you will have the added benefit of working with a native Francophone. But, again, there is an edge with having a native French tutor who knows the language and has also lived it.

The best path to learning a new language is by embracing it in the truest sense, whether the learning is taking place in a physical classroom or when you learn French through Skype. There is effort, and there is also a budding love for the beauty of the language that always trumps the initial difficulties. I understand that people will work from what they know (English), but the transition to thinking and speaking in another language is always possible. Let me lead the way, and I can guarantee excellent results.

What are the Benefits when you Learn French on Skype?

benefits of using Skype

1. French is genuinely a melodious and beautiful language. Yes, I also believe that French is a rich language that has earned its moniker of being the language of love.  

In terms of depth of expressiveness, it will help you speak your mind in ways you probably didn’t think possible. French isn’t just a language of creative expression, though – it is also the language of critical thought and analysis. Many of the world’s greatest thinkers are French. So if you are interested in studying business, the social sciences, liberal arts, or the humanities in France, learning the language will be doubly valuable.

French is good foundation language

2. French is a solid base for learning other languages within the same Romance family. For example, if you know French over  

Skype French lessons to do better in school

3. French is only difficult in the beginning. Once you have mastered the basics, advancing your vocabulary and writing meaningfully in French becomes possible. You won’t be stuck with just describing things or French greetings.

France flag

4. Learning French opens an entirely new world of popular culture, literature, and media. Watch French programming on TV or online. Read French thinkers in the original language. There are so many intellectual benefits to learning this Romance language.

Skype is great for world travelers

5. If you travel to France or any of the adjacent European countries, knowing French will allow you to interact with other natives in the region. French is understood in many territories in the EU, and traveling will be much easier if you know at least one European language.

Anne will teach you exactly what you need to learn

6. Finally, if you are dreaming of having another career – an international career, exceptionally – then learning French will be your gateway to accomplishing this huge milestone. Francophones are in constant demand in different industries, and it’s certainly an edge if you are studying abroad, as I said earlier.