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by | Mar 27, 2022 | Learn French

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Learn French from the comfort of your own home

For those of you who would like to learn French at home, my new Zoom French lessons allow you to learn from my same renowned curriculum easier than ever! 

My core philosophy as a Naperville French teacher has always been to teach personalized, one on one lessons for the best language learning experience. As much as my students and I both love this face-to-face interaction, there are some times that this just isn’t possible. Due to time and distance constraints, it can be difficult for some to attend my Naperville French lessons. That is why I have developed a new strategy: online French lessons via Zoom.

How does French Lessons via Zoom work?

French lessons via Zoom is easy and simple. Just like my regular Naperville French lessons, the student and determine a one-hour time slot to meet each week. We work on conversation, grammar, vocabulary, and more. I call you, the student, and we speak French via Zoom the entire time. If you’re looking for a reliable and user-friendly online platform for your French lessons, Learn French On Zoom is a great option to consider. Our teachers have been using it successfully with both adult and tutoring students, and we’ve found that it’s very straightforward to use – even if you’re not familiar with online learning platforms. All you need is a phone, tablet computer, laptop or desktop, and you can simply click on a link to connect to your teacher. The connection is usually stable throughout the lesson, even if your internet connection isn’t particularly strong. Plus, Zoom doesn’t require any special equipment or software, so it’s easy to get started without any fuss. If you’re looking for an online learning platform that will give you a great French learning experience, Zoom is definitely worth considering.

Who is Eligible for Zoom French Lessons?

My Chicago French lessons by Zoom are just as beneficial as the Naperville private French lessons I have been teaching for a decade. But, French lessons via Zoom are only intended for certain students. In order to best learn from Zoom French lessons, the student should already have attained a certain level of the language. It can be extremely difficult to learn basic grammar and vocabulary over a computer screen, so I ask that students be at an intermediate to advanced level of the language. French lessons via Zoom are intended for students looking to ameliorate their language skills and practice conversation with a French native.

The Benefits of Learning French Online with Zoom

Zoom French lessons will help you get comfortable with conversing with real French people in French. With more practice comes a more natural feeling when speaking the language and quicker thinking. Students will continue to learn more vocab and fix grammar errors with each lesson. All of our classes are taught by Anne, a native-speaking French teacher, so you can be sure that you’re getting the best possible instruction. In addition to our regular classes, we also offer private tutoring. Visit our website to learn more about what we have to offer, or contact us today to get started with your French learning journey!

Learn French at Home with Online French Lessons

When you choose me as your French teacher, you can expect a warm and flexible classroom environment. I tailor my approach to each individual student, using a variety of methods to ensure that everyone learns effectively. This includes a total physical response, oral repetition, visual learning materials, and written materials. My ultimate goal is to help my students become confident French speakers who are able to communicate fluently and accurately in both spoken and written French. Contact me today to start your journey towards French fluency!

I am so excited to announce my new language method, teaching French lessons via Zoom! Video calling with a French native is a wonderful opportunity, and my students who travel or have a tight schedule can keep learning the language with me. Whether you are traveling for business, on vacation, or just cannot get out to Naperville due to work and family conflicts, my Naperville French lessons by Zoom are just a call away. Make the most of your language capabilities with my video chat classes. Schedule your lessons today to learn French at home!

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