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by | Jul 27, 2021 | Learn French

Learning French the Fun Way 

Learning a second language is remarkable in more ways than one. And hiring a French tutor for in-person classes makes the experience more worthwhile because learning French in person is more fun! Time and time again, French tutors have proven that people know more quickly when given more focus and attention during the lessons. In addition, with the pandemic now at more manageable levels, it is more practical to sign up for in-person French classes.

Benefits of Learning French in Personal Classes

Higher Engagement with the French Teacher

Your French teacher can provide you with the attention needed to excel in learning the second language. However, it is generally challenging for teachers to verify that every student in a more significant class can master the lessons and concepts at the same level. This is one of the difficulties of French group classes. With one-on-one tutoring, you will be the priority, and you can ask the French tutor to repeat lessons that you haven’t mastered before presenting more advanced studies.

Hiring a private French teacher also guarantees that you will get the extra help and direction you need. Private French lessons in person allow you to take as much time as you need to go over tough subjects. You can learn grammatical rules more thoroughly and ask questions that you might be too embarrassed to ask in a group class.

Customized Lessons and Curricula

Each French student has their own set of requirements. French classes are unique. Private French instruction enables people to learn in an atmosphere that is adapted to their learning abilities and interests. Do you learn visually, or do you learn more by listening? Do you prefer to work alone in a quiet environment? Do you learn complicated topics quickly, or do you need more time for these? The best private French tutors consider these factors when teaching new students.


You can choose how many one-on-one French classes you want to take. Most students choose to take at least two to three courses per week, but, if necessary, a more rigorous instruction program can be tailored to your unique needs.

Of course, if you can only dedicate time to one lesson now and then due to a hectic schedule, this is also doable. You can also vary your schedule from week to week, taking classes on the days and times that suit you most.

If you need to, you can ask the tutor to delay or cancel the class (within reason, of course, and according to the policy of the tutor). Private French tutoring provides a high degree of flexibility and ease.

Starting Reaching Your Life Goals by Learning French

Every person has a unique motivation for learning a new language. Whether it’s Russian, Mandarin Chinese, or French, there is always a dream or desire behind the motivation to learn. Have you determined what’s yours? The following may help you think about the reasons for learning French more thoroughly.

  •         Do you find it challenging to communicate with French locals and improve your understanding of interacting socially?
  •         Are you thinking of working and living in France?
  •         Are you planning on a short trip to the country and will require basic French language skills so you can navigate and interact more easily while in restaurants, while shopping, and when riding public transportation?
  •         Would you also like to learn the culture, politics, social affairs on top of the language?
  •         Do you need help passing an examination in French?
  •         Do you feel trapped in your study of the French language? Do you also struggle with obtaining passing marks in your second language classes?

Better Self-Confidence

Learning a new language can boost anyone’s self-confidence. I can help you learn French more quickly, but it’s not going to be a walk in the park like other worthy life efforts. Therefore, you will need the space to be expressive and free while learning the new language.

I want you to express in French the same way you communicate in English or any other language you already know. Therefore, space, where the language is learned in the first place, is always essential. With a knowledgeable French tutor, you can learn French at a comfortable yet challenging pace, so you will be motivated to learn more.

Connect with Another Culture

This is perhaps the most rewarding facet of learning French. The language will give you access to a new world that has a rich culture and history. Knowledge of French will also become available to you.

The human experience of communicating with French locals and other French-speaking individuals, whether in person or online, is also a fantastic achievement that I am sure you will thoroughly enjoy. Bilingual individuals will naturally have a more comprehensive social network, and they tend to enjoy better professional lives, too. And all because they took the time to learn French classes in person.

Give Your Career a Boost

Due to the rarity of bilingual individuals and French speakers outside of France, learning French now can significantly help improve your career. You will suddenly become qualified for roles that weren’t open to you before because of the lack of facility with the European language. For example, suppose you want to apply for positions that involve diplomacy or international relations. In that case, speaking, writing, and reading in French is a powerful addition to your CV that others can’t match easily. So get ahead in your career today by starting French lessons.

Explore Europe More Easily

While both monolingual and bilingual individuals can travel to Europe, having a facility in French can help you as a tourist or traveler. French is understood in many states in Europe, not just France.

Therefore, you have an instant advantage if you want to enjoy the culture and the different states in Europe just because you speak French. Furthermore, it’s more enriching to interact with locals when you are abroad, and language is the key to that experience. Finally, while you are there, you can also more easily look for academic and professional opportunities to overcome the language barrier. 


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