Learning French During the Coronavirus Pandemic

by | Dec 21, 2020 | Learn French

Starting in March of 2020 everyone’s lives changed drastically, and in many different ways. As everyone around the world entered a lockdown, many people began working from home and we all had all foreseeable events canceled. With restaurants, stores, and gyms closed, people found themselves with more time on their hands to do the activities they always wanted to do but might not have gotten around to before. This caused people to begin organizing their homes, pick up a new hobby, or even learn a new language. Something else the world transitioned to during this time, was meeting over video chat more frequently. Anne Cottez at NaperFrench has combined these elements and is able to teach French over Skype or Zoom sessions during this time most of us are spending more time inside than normal.

Learning a Language During Coronavirus

Oftentimes, adults will have a desire to learn a new language but due to limited time they are unable to do that. During COVID-19 lockdowns, many people now have spare time to pick up a new language. Learning a new language during quarantine is one of the more productive things you can do, and best of all it is fun and rewarding! Learning a language is also one of the most accessible hobbies to pick up right now. It requires no supplies and can now be done from the comfort of your own home.

Why Choose French To Study?

Like English, French is one of the most commonly spoken languages. And on top of that, Paris is the most popular tourist destination in the world! Learning French is an investment in your future, if you decide to travel to France for a future vacation you will have a much easier time getting around. French is not only useful when visiting France, but also Canada, Switzerland, Monaco and many more countries.

French is also one of the easier languages to learn, which would appeal to adults wanting to learn a language. Since it is not extremely difficult, you will feel inspired to keep practicing and learning the language. Seeing the results of your time and effort is always rewarding, and this is especially true when learning a new language.

Online Learning Will Have to Do for Now

One thing that holds adults back from learning a new language is how intimidating it may be. When enrolling in a class, there is always the fear that you will fall behind your peers and won’t pick it up as quickly as them. While there are other means to learn languages such as apps or online programs, these are less reliable and do not hold the learner accountable. This is where learning online through a video platform comes in as a superior learning method. Receiving lessons online keeps you accountable and consistent, gives you access to a real teacher who can answer questions and help you with specifics, and you have the privacy of practicing in your home without the pressure

Learn French Online For Now and The Future

So, while the world waits to be able to travel again, learning French online in preparation of one day visiting France. It will stimulate your mind, keep you busy during quarantine, and give you a sense of accomplishment! Anne at NaperFrench can help you accomplish this goal with a customized learning plan for you, without ever needing to leave your home. Quarantine is hard for everyone, but thankfully there are fun options like this to help get people through.

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