Looking For French Classes Near Me? With An Online French Tutor Distance Is No Object

by | Jun 7, 2019 | French Classes

Are Skype French Classes for You?  

Thanks to technology, Skype French lessons are becoming a wonderful alternative to the traditional classroom to learn the French language.

near me or far online french classes distance no problem
Learn French on Skype with Anne

At NaperFrench,we still firmly believe that for beginners, face-to-face lessons are necessary to help shape their pronunciation and articulation. However, for the intermediate to advanced speaker who has reached a certain level of proficiency and simply needs to augment their skills and practice conversation, Skye French lessons are a convenient, time efficient option. In fact, Skype French lessons can break down the obstacles that keep students from learning a new language because all they need is a computer and a willingness to learn.   

For the more advanced student, Skype French lessons offer numerous benefits:

Location/Convenience. Of course the convenience of a Skype lesson is the most attractive reason to sign up. For students with a tight schedule or those who find themselves traveling for business or away from Naperville often, offering Skype French lessons makes practicing the language more accessible. Even with the busiest schedule, most students can fit in a lesson when it is only a simple phone call and click away.

A Focused Environment.  There is something to be said for choosing the environment in which you have your lesson. For some people, a Skype French lesson may even allow an opportunity for greater focus. Students can use headphones to adjust volume and minimize external noise. Also, with less reliance on body language and more emphasis on listening, the student becomes familiar with the “music” of the language. The pronunciation of words can become clearer. With increased focus on the auditory, the student builds confidence in speaking and listening more quickly.

A More Interactive Lesson. Instead of relying on worksheets, Skype French lessons rely on verbal communication, with the clever employment of chat boxes when necessary. The instructor can type into the chat box in real time, giving immediate feedback on their writing and speaking. Students can use chat boxes to type in questions as well.

Quick Sharing: Communication or document sharing between the student and instructor need not be slowed because the lesson is on Skype. A tutor can share or transfer documents instantly, including access to millions of pictures, videos, examples etc. to help a student illustrate what is being communicated. With Skype, you can share a screen, which becomes useful to show websites or PowerPoint presentations. 

Speaking With a French Native Speaker. Learning French from a French native speaker is the most immersive way to learn a language outside of traveling to another country. Native speakers naturally have correct punctuation of words and provide a unique view of culture and history from someone who lived it. However, not every native speaker is an excellent instructor. With Skype French lessons, you can easily connect with a native speaker who also provides high quality, individualized and custom instruction whether you are around the corner or across the country! All ages are eligible for Skype lessons from NaperFrench, although they must have reached a certain level of proficiency. A simple consultation with Anne will determine whether you/your child is eligible for Skype French lessons.

Whether you choose Skype French lessons or not, NaperFrench offers a unique and customized French class curriculum. Anne makes the language fun and exciting.  Give me a call today 630.405.3840 and start experiencing learning French online!

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