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Anne Cottez has developed a unique and proven method that incorporates principals: a fast, easy, fun and effective way to study and learn French. A full immersion, regardless of your level of proficiency or your particular motivation.

The method was built on over 15 years of her experience in tutoring. And it is based on the most relevant authors in the teaching of the French language, such as Glencoe Mc Graw Hill and Valette-Mc Dougal Littell.

At NaperFrench, learning starts with total immersion. It means that French only is spoken in class to keep the brain tuned to that language during the whole lesson. Any translation is used when extremelly necessary. Thus, vocabulary, grammar, conversation and pronunciation are emphasized at each class. You then adopt a “French” personality and get back into it at the beginning of each class.

The method is base to plan the curriculum for any student profile: teenagers and adults of all ages and levels of proficiency. It also can be applied to teach French to families, work teams, executives, business or leisure travellers.

The course is aimed at reaching your goal, whatever it may be. So don’t worry if you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced. You always can start at anytime and move at it’s own pace.

Tutoring and classes are taught in Naperville but still very convenient for those living outside, since you can have French classes by Skype or Zoom.

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What our students are saying?

Kathlyn Solomon

Une expérience vraiment inroyable.
This review is long overdue, but I am a past student at Naperfrench, and I received marvelous tutoring there. I studied with Anne for about a year and a half, and even in such a short time, her guidance was incredible. She was very dedicated to finding ways that helped me best learn and was very patient, but also ready to challenge me and pick at my brain in ways that benefited my growth in the language. Naperfrench is very collaborative and adjusts to the individual student’s needs and speed of progression. Although I only spent a little over a year studying with Naperfrench, I was able to use what I learned during imperative moments as a healthcare worker when dealing with patients who are native French speakers, when an interpreter was not readily available. Even though I have a very long way to go in my studies of the French language, I have gotten a great start in learning with Naperfrench and highly highly recommend this tutor to anyone who wants to learn the beautiful language.
Merci beaucoup pour tout!

Suryaa Gupta

Anne is absolutely wonderful and the best French teacher I’ve ever had. I have been learning français with Anne for the past 8 years, starting at the age of ten. Her teaching style makes learning a language a lot of fun, from playing games to having stimulating conversations (all in french of course), there is never a dull moment with Anne. She is always praising her students for their effort and encouraging them to find ways to use French outside of class by watching French films or listening to French music. She tailors her teaching to each students’ needs, customizing class to ensure success for every student. I can now say that, with her help, I am fluent in French, even being able to converse with native French speakers during our trip to Paris. Anne cares deeply about each of her students and I can’t thank her enough for having a significant impact in my life. Merci, Anne, pour tous!!

Theresa Rogers

I have been studying French With Anne for 6 months now and I absolutely love it! She is so kind, and even when I am so frustrated with myself for getting the pronunciation wrong, she calms me down and just helps me through it. She always has something up her sleeve to throw at me that gets me to understand a little easier. When you are my age, (over 60) it sometimes takes a little longer to soak in, so I am grateful for her never-ending patience. I always look forward to my next class. Thanks Anne for making this learning experience so much fun!!

Lauren Voegele

years and I have continued to return because I have so much fun with Anne! She makes French fun and interactive and gets to know each student individually. My French has progressed from knowing nothing to being able to earn a Seal of Biliteracy in French. I highly recommend!

Nola McCollian

My husband saw Anne at Naper French for three semesters of college French. He needed the French to get his Bachelor’s degree. She brought him from a D to a B+. I was totally impressed. To quote my husband, ” I could not have done it without her.” I know she tutors all levels of French, including kids as well as adults. She also tutored him during summer so he didn’t fall behind. Highly recommend if you need a French tutor.

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