If you opened up your Naperville Sun recently you may have seen a familiar face.  Mine!   I was delighted to be featured recently in the paper for my unique approach to teaching French and my one-on-one French tutoring.  The half page article even featured a photo of me from my recent trip home to France.  Special thanks to my wonderful student Vickie Rinn for her time speaking with the reporter about her experiences with my tutoring services.

As she explained in the article, Vickie started French tutoring with me to be able to better communicate with her new co-workers after the place she worked for was acquired by a French company.   She learned proper pronunciation of their names and the functional French she needed to make business trips to Paris. She learned how to read menus and signs just as she expected, but then she kept on with the lessons simply because she enjoys it.  It just confirms what I always tell people who ask about why they should learn French.  Learning French is fun!

Each day I am inspired by my students who come to lessons not because they have to, but because they want to.   I take great pride in watching a student journey from knowing absolutely no French to becoming a fluent speaker with a near native French accent!

Thanks to all my students who have made NaperFrench a business worth featuring. I hope you’ll spread the word that learning French is fun!

Un grand MERCI à tous ceux qui étudient avec moi depuis longtemps, MERCI pour votre soutien, votre confiance et votre fidélité.