Try my favorite French restaurants and creperies in Chicago and the Chicago suburbs for a fun, authentic experience and everyone’s favorite French food- crepes!

Whether you like them salty for brunch or your sweet tooth craves them for dessert, my NaperFrench students and the rest of Chicago can’t seem to get enough of the famous French crepe. For those of you who are new to French cuisine and have never tasted a crepe, picture this: pancake-like batter spread extremely thin and filled with anything from Nutella to sugar to cheese, chicken, and mushrooms to ratatouille (another favorite dish from France!). As a French native, I have always missed being able to go down the street to a local café and order a crepe whenever I wish. Luckily, the city of Chicago and the suburbs alike have experienced the crepe craze and finding a local creperie is now easier than ever! Students taking my French lessons in Naperville IL have asked my suggestions for best places to get a crepe, so I have compiled a list of my favorite local finds.

Chicago- La Boulangerie

If you are looking for Crepes in Chicago from a French restaurant with an American twist, try La Boulangerie in Logan Square. The crepes are unique by looks, as the texture looks extra spongy and they are served flat on the plate but still filled with your favorite ingredients. Many of these ingredients and combinations have an American flare to them, but turn out delicious as dictated by the reviews of French and American customers alike. The Logan is a best seller- containing egg, bacon, spinach, pine nuts and sour cream for a unique combination. Many crepes like the Wisconsin and the Bliss mix sweet and salty ingredients in the crepe. For your sweet spot, the campfire is especially American but a favorite; as the name suggests, the crepe pours out chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers. What many customers enjoy even more is the build-your-own crepe bar for dessert. Make sure to pick up some of the viennoiseries and pastries like the croissants (almond is my favorite), éclairs, madeleines, and macaroons.

image of breakfast crepes

Breakfast crepes with eggs and ham at Chicago french restaurant and bakery

Lakeview- La Creperie

This little Parisian Creperie will offer you the French experience with a large crepe menu and some other French food finds as well. My picks for savory crepes are the Poulet aux Champignons (a crepe filled with white Chicken meat, a creamy herb sauce, and sautéed mushrooms) and the Ratatouille (a crepe filled with the traditional dish from France consisting of peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, onions, and zucchini). Or try a crepe filled with a French dish marinated in burgundy wine and filled with meat and vegetables- the Coq au Vin for chicken or the Boeuf Bourguignon for beef. Sweet crepes range from plain- sugar or Nutella- to unique- I recommend the caramel and salted butter or la Pomme (apples sautéed in a butter and cinnamon reduction). If you’re looking to try escargots, try them as an appetizer at this Lakeview crepe restaurant! There is a nice wine list for red wines as well. For an even more French experience, try this creperie on Thursday nights for a meal accompanied by live French music.

Poulet aux champignons crepes

Poulet aux champignons crepes from La Creperie

Naperville- Paris Bistro

This local bistro isn’t specifically a creperie- you can get anything from a Steak Frites to a Salad Nicoise to a Croque Monsieur. However, students taking my Naperville French classes love the crepe menu here and the convenient location. The Mona Lisa makes for a delicious lunch or dinner, filled with chicken, sun dried tomatoes, artichoke, and spinach. This Naperville French restaurant is also famous for the BABA crepe, stuffed with bacon, asparagus, creamy brie, and almonds. My adult students and children alike love the Nutella and banana Monkey and Nuts dessert crepe. Paris Bistro prides itself on being an intimate, European experience for all who visit this French Restaurant in Naperville.

image of dessert crepes

Nutella and banana crepes with ice cream

Wheaton- Suzette’s Creperie

Suzette’s Creperie located in Wheaton is a great French restaurant in the Chicago suburbs. Suzette’s began as a street vendor, imitating the crepes sold as fast street food in France. Eventually, the business expanded as a French restaurant and Creperie in Wheaton. This little café and bistro is another top pick of my students and myself for Naperville and Chicago French food. The ham and cheese crepe is simple but classic and is cooked to perfection at Suzette’s. Plus, it will please everyone at the table. Again, the beef bourguignon crepe is one to try- with extra attention on the part of the staff to authenticity as it is made with authentic French wine and braised for six hours. The sweet crepes here are simple, but the perfect end to your meal- try one packed with fresh fruit and whipped cream or filled with jam or lemon and sugar. If you are looking to try something else, Suzette’s has a great selection on Quiches and other Parisan patisserie and bakery items.

Woodstock- La Petite Creperie

This Chicago creperie is inspired by authentic French flavors, particularly from the region of Brittany where the crepe has the most history, to create the perfect place to get crepes in Chicago. The wine list is changed every few months, live music plays regularly, and summer is the perfect time to go to enjoy outdoor seating. Get crepes in Woodstock for any meal, as La creperie’s menu has breakfast, savory, and sweet crepes. For breakfast, I like La complete; just as the name suggests, this crepe has a bit of everything- fried egg, Swiss cheese, ham, mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, and pommes rissoles. From the savory crepes, seafood lovers will enjoy L’Océane (shrimp, scallops, and salmon in pesto sauce), but I particularly enjoy the Provençale crepe which consists of zucchini, bell pepper, squash, asparagus, eggplant, and goat cheese. The crepe Suzette is a must at this Woodstock French Restaurant for dessert- a traditional French recipe made of crepes flambées with orange, butter, sugar, and Grand Marnier.

Image of Seafood Crepe

Shrimp, Scallop, and Seafood Crepe- La Petite reperie’s L’Oceane (Woodstock)

I hope you all will enjoy these delicious Chicago crepes as much as I do! Not only are you guaranteed a delicious meal, but a Chicago French restaurant or Chicago creperie promises to serve up French culture as well. And, if you’re lucky, you will get to practice some French with the native French chefs (La Creperie’s chef is known for conversing from table to table), native French diners, or even fellow language students! Bon appétit!