French learning classes

“I’ve been taking lessons from Anne for over a year.  She makes each concept easy to grasp and every lesson is worthwhile”.


“Anne’s lessons are both enjoyable and engaging.  She is always positive.”


“Our son, Max, is 9 years old and has a Grandmother who is French.  Language and cultural exposure is very important to our family.  Max loves working with Anne as she customizes the lesson plans to engage him.  How do you say “dinosaur” in French, Max would trump his parents with the answer!

Anne makes the learning experience fun for him and Max enjoys taking the class.  When I asked him what he likes about it, he simply stated “She’s good, she’s really good”.”

The Sattler Family

“Anne is a truly knowledgeable French instructor for anyone from ages 2-99.  She makes it fun and manageable.  I’d recommend her for any child, student, or adult wanting to learn French.”


“Miss Anne is a really nice and really fun French teacher.”

Tyler (age 10)

“Learning French from Anne has greatly helped my career.  My company was purchased by a French company and my new boss and colleagues were French.  Very quickly I was able to converse and write email in French.  Anne focusses her lessons on what is relevant to your needs and learning style.  She is a great teacher and I recommend her highly to anyone – adult or child who wants to learn Fench”

Vickie Rinn

“Anne was the best teacher ever!  She helped me so much.  She started from the beginning because I knew nothing.  She was fun to be around and made me enjoy French.  I always looked forward to classes with her.”

Rebecca (high school senior)