Bonjour, je m’appelle Anne Cottez-Jones.  I was born and raised in France, spending my childhood in Reims (Champagne region) and part of my adulthood in Paris.Anne Cottez Naperville French Tutor

I studied in Reims, France. I worked and learned English while being an au-pair in the U.S.A for 1 year.

I then went back home and worked in Public Relations requiring to be bilingual and an interpreter (French/English). I also worked in Paris in Public Relations/Advertising representing our Company in English spoken countries, translating marketing material and legal documents, etc.

I moved to the U.S when i was 25 and I have since raised a family. I started teaching French in 2003 to children, students, adults and also to French families moving here who’s children needed help with continuing the French Education program. Meanwhile, I continue to visit my family every year  back in France.

I have developed my French class curriculum and presented it in English in order to help children and adults learn while living here as expatriates.

I also am available periodically as a French interpreter and I am an expert in French to English and English to French interpretation.

My French interpreting services can be over the phone or in person for local Chicago area businesses or families.

I continue to build my own French class curriculum for all ages, enjoy meeting new people, help them learn French and would love to help you too!