In this global age, speaking French or another foreign language is a great advantage in the professional world. Discover some careers that benefit from french. 

My students taking French lessons in Naperville IL all take French for different reasons, whether it be for school, work, or pleasure. No matter what their purpose is for taking Naperville French classes, learning French certainly proves beneficial in the professional world. Here career opportunities for frenchare some jobs that have positions or skills that necessitate or greatly value knowledge of the French language.

1. Being a French teacher

The most obvious job that requires French is being a French teacher, of course! I have been teaching French classes in Naperville for over 10 years, and I love what I do. Those with great talent in French or who like to instruct others may wish to go the same route. You can teach children, at a school, by means of private lessons… or you can go live out your dreams in a French speaking country teaching English. The possibilities are endless….

2. Translator/ interpreter

When becoming a translator or interpreter, the more languages spoken the better. I offer services as a Chicago French translator and Chicago French interpreter; however, many of the translators and interpreters who focus solely on this task work with several languages. With this job, you will dedicate studies to the French language to later be able to verbally interpret or translate documents from and into another language. Oftentimes, a translator or interpreter focuses on a specific field, like legal or medical, to work well with technical terms.

3. Tourism industry

A career in the tourism industry will either require a high level of French or consider some French useful, depending on the location. Whether it be working in a restaurant, at a hotel, as a flight attendant, or other career paths, French will make your job much easier.

4. Global corporations

When looking to work for a global corporation, multiple languages can help. My work as a Naperville French teacher has given me the opportunity to work with many individuals learning French to work with multinational companies. Whether it be working at a physical branch in a French speaking area, working for customer service, or dealing with French suppliers and clients, another language is always a plus.
5. Proofreader

Proofreaders who can speak French are preferable in the business, as they are able to work on French editions of a book or magazine, translate and correct documents in French, and benefits from speaking french

6. Accounting

While accounting and French do not seem to go hand and hand, I have known several French speakers given the opportunity to work for on accounting. This is particularly useful for dealing with French accounts and French clients.

7.Hardware/ software companies

Learning French is also very useful for software and hardware businesses, as many technical support systems operate for several countries. This means that being able to speak a second language, like French, can come in handy for speaking on the phone.


Learning a new language is a valuable investment that goes beyond fun- it can help shape and enhance your career path. Whether you want to do something that is specifically dealing with the French language, or make a professional choice that can benefit from added French knowledge, French will make your career more valuable. Take French tutoring in Naperville with me and see where the French language can take you!