I adapt my teaching to what works best for each student, using a variety of material.  I use a combination of written material, visuals, oral repetition, and total physical response. I work on vocabulary, grammar, reading and writing, conversation, and, of course, pronunciation.Books to learn the French language
The curriculum for adults covers all the basics, starting with the “greetings”, the calendar, the numbers, the time, destinations and their verbs, followed by foods, body parts, clothing, transportation, sports, etc. It is also presented by theme to make the retention greater.
I am quick to teach you how to express yourself in the present, future and past tense. It is then followed by other tenses used in the French language.

I provide worksheets at each class and for the next session. I take time at the beginning of each French lesson to go over what should be mastered so the student can keep on learning and building his knowledge working towards conversation~
Everything learned in class is put to use through verbal exercises, reviewed later and used again in conversation. Repetition is the key to success!
My French class is your class and I make sure you speak just as much as me by asking questions, by using what you’ve learned and practicing with a native!

Each adult must embrace the learning experience as if they were still young learners unable to read but using their memory through a marriage of visuals, verbalization and repetition.

I take pride in being a French tutor and teacher and believe that with a little bit of work and a lot of passion, you will quickly learn French and able to engage conversation!