For older children and teens, vocabulary, verbs and expressions are at the core of the program and presented through themes such as The House, Transportation, Health and Body parts, the Weather and the Calendar, Clothing, Food and Stores, Destinations, etc.
A variety of games such as bingo, memory games, tic-tac-toe, Red Light/Green Light, Duck Duck Goose, French games and others are a great and exciting way to learn new vocabulary and to retain it. Some French books are being read and a variety of worksheets are also done in class.
I observe traditions and point out cultural differences and similarities.

For teenagers and/or students who are already learning French at school and need some help, I reinforce what they are learning by following their program of studies as well as enhancing it with additional detailed information, vocabulary and cultural material.
I find critical the need to use what has been learned by teaching how to build sentences and by conversing.

I believe strongly in speaking a language versus filling out blanks in a worksheet!

I tutor high-school students in the Naperville district 203 and 204 by following their textbook such as “Bon Voyage” or “Discovering French”. I explain in details all the grammatical points and help them use the vocabulary in conversation. I review the curriculum yearly with a French high school teacher in Naperville IL and work closely with the gifted students of the French school Avery Coonley in Downers Grove, Il.
I help students in high school or college to prepare for their French exams or Finals by spending time going over the critical points and leading them to excellent grades.

Some of my students attend the following schools below and improve their French language skills by using my tutoring services in addition to their normal French classes.

Avery Coonley School Benet Academy Downers Grove North
Downers Grove South Downers Grove South High School Hinsdale Central
Hinsdale South Naperville Central Naperville Central High School
Neuqua High School Rosary High School St. Francis High School
Wheaton Academy Bolingbrook High School Madison Junior High School
Kennedy Junior High School Gregory Middle school Hinsdale Middle School
Downers Grove North High School Hinsdale Central High School Naperville North
Waubonsie Valley High School Lincoln Junior High School College Of Dupage