Private French lessons are the best way to learn French, but there are a few things you should be doing to optimize your lessons and learn the language faster and more easily.

Learning a new language is an exciting and important opportunity, but it also requires time and effort if you really wish to learn well. Being a teacher for French classes in Naperville, I am happy to say that my students understand that the best way to learn French or any language is through private, one-on-one lessons like my own that offer a unique curriculum adapted to each student. However, for all of my students and others learning a foreign language, I would like to provide some insight on a few tips to enhance your language learning experience and make the most out of private language lessons.

Reasons for Learning French

If you are planning on taking French classes or are currently receiving tutoring, you should have a clear reason for learning French. My Naperfrench students are all unique and different from one another. And while I make a custom curriculum for each student based on age, personality, and interests, I also consider their intentions for learning the language and why they are taking French lessons in Naperville, IL. Many students come in conjunction with their school programs to receive French tutoring and succeed in school classes or skip levels in high school. Other students come from a young age, as parents see the intellectual and business opportunities that it will give their children in the future. I have students who come because they are moving to Paris, Nice, or other parts of France or simply would like to vacation there with some knowledge of the language. Still others come to me because they love the beauty of the French language and the culture of France, either looking to brush up from lessons in the past of start a whole new experience with me. Having clear intentions will not only help you decide how much time and energy to invest into learning the language, but it will allow you to receive the right kinds of lessons and work towards your end goal.learn french fast and easy

Dedication and Motivation

Along with having a clear reason to learn French comes dedication and motivation to your studies. Planning a goal for learning a new language allows you to determine how hard you are going to work and get you motivated to achieve that goal. Learning a foreign language requires a lot of time and effort- and French is no exception. There needs to be ongoing effort on the part of the student to attend classes regularly, study outside of class, be attentive, and look for different opportunities to use French. Of course, the degree to which you will work on all of these elements depends on your end goal and particular circumstances. If you are suddenly moving to France or need to keep up with French to pass your school’s final French exam, you will need to spend much more time and energy on learning than if you just wish to practice light conversational French for your personal pleasure. Additionally, you must stay motivated throughout as not to start putting in less effort and keep improving. Without motivation, you will not enjoy your learning of the language.

Lessons Suited to your Needs

Learn French fast by learning French the right way. The easiest way to learn French quickly and effectively is by having the right lessons. As my French lessons at NaperFrench emphasize, lessons should be private and individual. Group lessons may initially seem like a good way to learn, but over time you will realize that you are not learning fast enough because the class is not tailored to your needs and you get dragged down by the weaker students who struggle to get the concepts down. Individual classes allow for lessons adapted to all of your goals and needs. Moreover, your French lessons should have extensive audio in addition to reading and writing, so you can properly learn the sounds and pronunciation of the language. But, learning a foreign language solely by audio like with video or audio discs does not incorporate the other crucial element for the best way to learn French- practice and conversation. All lessons should give you the opportunity to speak, and learning French is even easier when the other speaker is a French native. No matter what you choose to learn French, make sure it is effective and fun for you- this will make the lessons enjoyable and thus easy and effective for you to learn French fast.


Taking French lessons is ultimately only a part of what it takes to learn French- signing up for language lessons just is not enough. To learn French fast and easy, you must begin by setting goals and investing yourself in order to fulfill these goals. Learning French should be fun but it will also require hard work and effort in order to make the most out of your foreign language learning experience. Lastly, make certain you are taking the proper French lessons that are adapted to your goals and learning needs.