How do toddlers learn to speak French or for that matter any language fluently?

The common belief is that they learn through immersion.  The reality is that the smallest toddlers – children who cannot read or write or come close to comprehending grammar – become fluent through a marriage of visual aides, verbalization and memorization.Postcard of Eiffel tower in France to teacher

Why study with someone who learned French when you can learn from someone who has lived it?

I offer unique, proven and customized curriculums that have delivered results for children, students, adults, and families alike.

  • Does your middle or high school child need help with their French studies?
  • Are you looking for high school final exam preparation
  • Would you like your pre- or elementary school child to have an early exposure to the French language?
  • Do you need French lessons for your home-schooled child?
  • Are you planning a trip to France and need a refresher course or would like to learn basic French for conversation?

I invite you to review how I approach my curriculum and what I believe sets it apart. I would also encourage you to contact me so that we might discuss your goals and begin customizing a course of study to meet your individual or family needs.

Tutoring and French classes are taught in Naperville but still very convenient for those living outside of district 203 or 204 such as Aurora, Bolingbrook, Lisle, Hinsdale, Hinsdale, etc.

So if you are serious in your desire to learn and master the French language, come experience the difference!  Come learn French with Anne!