I teach French Lessons in Naperville, Illinois. My language school, NaperFrench, sees a large number of children coming to take my Naperville French classes. In fact, I began teaching French to children; therefore, I fully understand just how great children are with languages. The younger an individual learns a foreign language, the better. Between a child’s natural ability to learn a second language and the variety of benefits that will reward their efforts, young learners find taking language classes to be an enriching experience.

Children learn foreign languages naturally

It is often said that children can pick up a foreign language much more easily than adults. The reason behind this is that children are still children's french lessons napervilleforming their brains, making the child brain much more flexible and adaptable. Children who learn a foreign language, like my young students taking NaperFrench French lessons in Naperville, are able to optimize their learning potential. When young, kids learn a second language just as easily as they learn their first language- this is an amazing ability, as any adults who have ever tried to learn another language will tell you that it is much more difficult for them.

Because the language will be acquired naturally, there is a great linguistic advantage for children. Experts explain that the ability to hear and reproduce new sounds is lost by the age of 8 to 12, meaning that there will be a permanent foreign accent in any language. The ear and vocal muscles of children are flexible, just as the brain is, so they can still reproduce the miniscule differences in a second language with native quality.  Plus, children learn naturally at during their youth, whereas adults must attempt to get their brains to break the rules of their mother tongue in terms of accent, grammar rules, and more.

Cognitive Benefits

Studies show that learning a second language enhances a child’s overall verbal development. Children can differentiate between languages from birth, so there is no chance that a foreign language can interfere with the development of English skills. But, the benefit goes beyond just knowing another language itself. Children learning another language, like taking French lessons, exhibit better skills in elementary school, have better problem-solving skills, more creativity, and better spatial relations. Later in education, kids who know another language score better on ACTs and SATs.

Later on in life, young language learners have enhanced multi-tasking and planning skills, and enhanced memory. The brain is trained to focus on important information and discard the unimportant. Children can also communicate better and have more flexible thinking.


Giving your child the gift of language lessons from an early age is an investment that will continue to reward them and last a lifetime. Not only will your child learn a foreign language more easily and reap all of the linguistic and cognitive benefits from it, but he or she will be able to learn even more languages more easily. Children also gain an expanded world view and learn to appreciate and understand other cultures. When it comes time to enter into the professional world, your child will have an edge in the global marketplace. So, give your child the opportunity to get ahead by taking children’s French lessons in Naperville with me!