Foreign languages in schools are becoming an instrumental part of an individuals education and later on professional life, making high school French tutoring essential.  

My French lessons in Naperville, at NaperFrench, give me the opportunity to see the evolution of language classes in the school systems. Children, teens, and adults generally take my Naperville French classes in equal distribution. Each group has its own reasons for learning, and tailored methods to follow. My Naperville high school French tutoring is the curriculum that has changed the most over recent years. People are coming to me for Naperville high school French tutoring, Aurora high school French tutoring, Hinsdale high school French tutoring, Chicago high school French tutoring, and more. Students are coming for NaperFrench French lessons from all over because the language classes in all educational systems are evolving.high school french tutoring naperville

A major change is the rigor of language lessons in High Schools and school districts in general. Not long ago, foreign language classes were seen as unimportant, relative to core subjects like English and Science. Second languages were not required; they were merely elective courses for those students interested. This resulted in oftentimes low quality, undervalued courses and students walked away with low level skills and no desire to continue the language.

Now, school systems understand the importance of foreign language and adding emphasis and even requirements to these programs. Many schools are requiring a certain amount of foreign language classes to graduate. Others are adding interest value by offering a wider variety of language. After high school, students are expected to take foreign languages in college and need them to graduate. As a Naperville French lessons instructor, I see how necessary these changes are.

But, as the importance of languages augments, so does the need for proficiency. My Naperville French students come for high school French tutoring for different reasons. Some students are struggling to keep up with their French classes, in addition to their already big workload for school. Other students wish to stay ahead of the curve and even test out of levels in school. There are those students who have a genuine passion or ability to speak another language and want the chance to experience more than high school courses have to offer. Still others get high school French tutoring, knowing the language skills will help them later on in life for their college classes or professional career.

Moreover, the curriculum of high school French and other language classes has changed to be more oriented towards college. Naperville high schools offer dual college credit to higher levels of language courses. Official AP courses are being created so that students can take the foreign language AP tests and test out of introductory college courses. All of these course designs aim for higher level foreign language speakers to help students later on in life.

At NaperFrench, I also offer AP French preparation courses to my high school students. The recent reform in the French AP test now means that students can prepare to take the test better than ever and prepare to excel. French tutoring provides revision for the French AP test, but also focuses on regular French tutoring, so that the overall language level improves.

Overall, the changes to the Naperville high school foreign language system, Aurora foreign language program, Plainfield French lessons, and more has made for a better- educated student with stronger foreign language skills. Of course, using Naperville private French lessons as a supplement is helpful because it allows for private, customized courses based off of the student’s particular needs- anywhere from catching up to getting ahead in language lessons to just having someone to speak with for more than the few minutes of opportunity in school. Learning French in school serves as the base of an individual’s university, career, and adult language abilities, and it is certain that dedicating to a foreign language earlier on and learning it the right way from then is the best way to find success in the future. Make the most out of your French high school experience by getting high school French tutoring at NaperFrench.